Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day (Inning Eight)

Top of the Eighth:
*Another grounder to Millar. Nice job by Albers coming in in relief of Guthrie.
*And another easy grounder - this time to short. Two out.
*Called strike three to end the inning. I'm liking this Albers kid.

[Pujols...yard work. 5-1 Cardinals over the Rockies.]

Bottom of the Eighth:
*James Shields is done for the day, but not before really settling down after the first inning and keeping the O's bats quiet. He is a real quality starter. Jay Payton comes in to pinch-hit for Luis Hernandez and pops out to second. Hey, it's further than the ball Hernandez put in play.

[Sheets is still rolling in Chicago. Going to the top of the seventh there, still 0-0.]

*Roberts is on base for the fourth time today with an opposite field single. Just don't get caught trying to steal again. Time for a pitching change by the Rays.

[Braun pops one up a mile high and Zambrano actually makes the play himself.]

*One-for-one on Orioles Trivia with the correct answer of Paul Blair as the last Oriole outfielder to win a Gold Glove. Al Reyes in to face Melvin Mora, and falls behind 2-0. Mora works a full count. Ahhh! Roberts runs as Mora takes a called third strike. Then, inexplicably, Mora steps in front of the catcher and so Roberts is called out on interference, even though he had the bag easily. Even when the O's avoid grounding into a double play, they still manage to shoot themselves in the foot. End of inning, with Markakis standing in the on-deck circle.

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