Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Milwaukee's Sheets Is One Of Baseball's Best

Ben Sheets isn't really well known amongst casual baseball fans these days. I would imagine that he is often thought of as the Brewers oft-injured #1 starter, as opposed to one of baseballs true ACES when healthy.

For his career, Sheets has an ERA+ of 113; 1048 K's and 266 walks for a K/BB ratio of 3.94 (Johan Santana is at 3.8 (career best of 5.3 in a season); Pedro Martinez is at 4.3 (8.5 best) for a couple of comparisons).

In 2004 he had 2.70 ERA (162 ERA+), 264 K's (10 per nine) and 32 walks (1.2 per nine) for K/BB ratio of 8.25 (!).

In 2005 he had (in only 106 IP) 116 K's and 11 walks. K/BB: 10.5 (!!!). That is insane. Crazy. Otherworldly. If he had pitched enough innings to qualify, that would have been the second best ratio of all time (Bret Saberhagen had 11 K/BB (143/13) in 1994).

I really wish Sheets could get his injuries under control (or have better luck) because he's only 29 and could put up some ridiculous seasons.

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