Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day (Inning Four)

Top of the Fourth:
[The KC-Detroit game is going into extra innings - hard to ask for more on Opening Day.]

*Forget what I said about the ball not carrying - Hinske launches one into the right field seats. Markakis doesn't even make an effort. 4-2 Rays.
*Navarro grounds out to Brian Roberts for the first out.
*Guthrie is not looking good - everything is either in the middle of the plate or a ball. Diving catch by Luis Hernandez - he gets a reprieve from me making fun of him for two innings.
*A strike-out of Iwamura ends the inning.

[Nice play an a slow roller by Arizona third-sacker Mark Reynolds. Brandon Webb's sinker should be illegal. Nothing going 93 mph should move that much.]

Bottom of the Third:
*Shields using that good change against Huff, but he ends up lining a single to center. He didn't get boo'ed that much this time.
*I called a double play grounder by Ramon to short, but it actually went to third. That erases Huff.

[99 mph fastball on the outside corner by Detroit reliever (and former Oriole) Denny Bautista to wring up Jose Guillen.]

*Luke Scott works the count full and single through the right side.

[Jim Thome homers for a second time in Cleveland. 7-4 Indians. Thome has been all of the Sox offense.]

*Adam Jones strikes out on three pitches, chasing a low pitch for the K.

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