Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hey, I Was #1 In The League (In Grounding Into Double Plays In 2003)

In an article from the Baltimore Sun: "Payton says he just wants to be given opportunity to win starting outfield job."

Payton then goes on to complain (though not nearly as much as when he was with the Red Sox) about how he is relegated to being a fourth outfielder without having a chance to prove himself, as he's a veteran and the other guys aren't

It seems to me that people (should) know what kind of played Jay Payton is by now. He hits for a little average with a poor OBP and little power while playing poor defense. Unless Payton, at the age of 35, is going to have a non-Coors Field inflated career year (and probably even if he does) he has no place in an outfield with Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, and Luke Scott. In 2007, Scott had a year (.255/.351/.504, 119 OPS+) that was better than any year Payton has ever had (best was .303/.351/.488, 115 OPS+ with half a year in Colorado). If Jay Gibbons gets a roster spot, then Scott Moore would have the right to complain. If Luis Hernandez is the starting SS ahead of Brandon Fahey (they're both bad, but Fahey is playing better now) then Brandon could complain. Hayden Penn wasn't given a complete chance to compete for the fifth starter spot - he could complain. None of them has. Jay Payton needs to shut his mouth and do what he's told (and collect his $5 million).

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