Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day (Inning Six)

Top of the Sixth:
*A mighty swing, and a miss, by Cliff Floyd. He follows it up with a line-drive double to right.
*Aybar grounds to second to advance Floyd to third with one out.

[Cubs-Brewers is back on. I'm happy to see it, but this is some baseball overload.]

*Guthrie falls behind Hinske 3-0, and ends up walking him on a pitch way inside.
*Navarro, at least, is a double play candidate. This is probably Guthrie's last inning, with Matt Albers warming up in the pen. Damn it Hernandez. He couldn't handle the grounder (though it was a tough play) resulting in another run.

[Going to the bottom of the 11th in Detroit with KC up 5-4. It's Soria time.]

*And Bartlett singles to left - 6-2 Rays. And that's it for Guthrie. Albers will come in to try to save the bullpen in what I'm expecting to be the first of 90 or so losses on the season.
*Albers starts out his O's career with a strike. And another. If he can keep up this pace, he may go to the Hall of Fame. Iwamura grounds to Mora at third, who throws to B-Rob at second for the force. They couldn't turn two, though.
*Nice hook to Carl Crawford for a swinging strike two. Wow - an attempted double steal doesn't work. Hernandez (Ramon) throws to Hernandez (Luis) at second - not in time to get the runner - but Luis guns down the guy trying to make it home to end the inning.

Bottome of the Sixth:
[The Giants are down 0-1 in the bottom of the first - this may be an insurmountable lead. Zito is throwing some really slow pitches.]

*KAKES! Takes a ball, low. And a second. He has a good eye - I wonder why he doesn't walk more. Just as I say that Nick walks on four pitches.
*Millar is first-pitch swinging and flies to short center field.
*Huff launches his own shot, but just foul. Then he grounds to the pitcher for a double-play. Yaye O's offense!

[Jeff Kent with a two-run shot. It's 3-0 Dodgers, and the Giant's offense is in a big hole.]
[Congratulations to Kansas City on their first victory of the season. They now lead the AL Central.]

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