Monday, March 17, 2008

I'd Do It For Free

Some Spring Training Quotes:

"They're killing me. They're killing my family, my coaching staff, and the White Sox fans. I hope they care the way we care. I'm tired of seeing this shit every day."
--White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen on his team's spring training performance.

"I like my ballclub. Some people don't like it, but that's baseball. That's why people have different opinions. I am happy with what I have, and I feel good about this ballclub. Hopefully we can play the way we want to and win some ballgames. I think we should be in the pennant race."
--Guillen (Jesse Sanchez,

"Trust me, if this thing takes the wrong direction early on like it did last year, I swear to God, if it reaches that point, I'm going to Jerry and saying, 'Look, don't let my contract make it so I'm holding you hostage; we can talk about something different. You can rip up my contract and do a new one, less years. You won't have to pay me for this.'"

I don't think Ozzie's a good manager - I think that he thinks "small-ball" or "smart-ball", as he calls it, actually does a lot to help the team score runs. I don't have much confidence in the team's ability to make a race of it in the AL Central with the Indians and the Tigers. Guillen also tends to over exaggerate when he gets emotionally charged talking about his team. All that said, I think the third quote is cool. If it would actually turn out that way (and I think Guillen will have his chance to follow through) I would gain a new level of respect for him. People just don't do that kind of thing in sports. We may find out by the All-Star break.

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