Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day ("Extra, Extra Innings" - Hey, It's Joe)

YES! Joe Morgan is commentating the Angels-Twins game. This is gonna be fun.
"Carlos Gomez taking over for the great Torii Hunter here in Montreal." - Joe is in mid-season form, and the game hasn't even started yet.

Carlos Gomez shouldn't be in the majors, let alone hitting lead-off. Even with the double he ripped down the line I still stand by what I said. Joe Mauer lines the ball into right-center for an RBI single.

[Erik Bedard gives up a first inning run on a solo shot by Texas' Michael Young.]

I will say that Joe Morgan does give some interesting commentary. The problem is the number of things he says that are wrong or don't make any sense.

Mike Lamb with an RBI single to center; 2-0 Twins in the 4th.

Jon Miller: "With the clutch RBI" - how is a RBI single with one out and a runner on second in the fourth inning clutch? That isn't even consistent with their own notions of "clutch".

The Angels get on the board when a double-play scores a run. And Chone Figgins with a "clutch" RBI to drive in a runner from third with two outs.

Though his bat isn't ready, Carlos Gomez does have a lot of range in center field.

Cuddyer singles through a drawn in infield to score Gomez. 3-1 Twins.

Apparently, Delmon Young (and his .316 OBP) was "clutch" last year. That's at least three mentions of clutch hitting in 5 innings.

[Seattle has taken a 2-1 lead, but Bedard has been taken out of the game. 5 IP 3 hits, including a solo home run, 4 walks and 5 K's - not bad at all, but the low innings and high walks isn't a great sign. Last year Bedard had a complete-game 15 K shutout against the Rangers.]

Brendan Harris gets a double on a "Bermuda Triangle" bloop.

Pat Neshek looks good holding the 3-2 lead in the eighth. Then Joe Nathan comes in to shut the door in the ninth and the Twins get their first win of '08.

Not a bad job by Jon and Joe (relative to their usual standards).

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