Thursday, April 3, 2008

At Least They Won The Game

All those that were watching the exciting ending to the Reds-D'Backs game were treated to this excellent exchange:
"Bottom of the ninth, Reds have two on, none out, and Edwin Encarnacion at the plate. Edwin makes two poor attempts at getting down a bunt. Jeff Brantley isn’t happy about it.

Thom Brennaman: See that’s the problem when you ask a guy who’s never bunted…

Jeff Brantley: Take him out of the game! Take him out of the game.

Thom: Ok, but…

Jeff: If he can’t bunt take him out of the game. Put somebody else in there.

Thom: Ok, but if you believe in the bunt in this situation…

Jeff: You’re at home. You have to tie the game.

Thom: But that’s a by the book kind of thing. I don’t know if there’s anybody on that bench…that you’re going to bring in…

Jeff: This guy is NOT a clutch hitter.

Thom: But his numbers are contrary to that…

Jeff: He’s not. He’s not…not…not a clutch hitter.

(Encarnacion hits 3-run HR to win game)"
There's no such thing as a clutch hitter, but if there was then Edwin would probably be considered one: men on base - .859 OPS; runners in scoring position - .905 OPS; bases loaded - 1.304 OPS. He's no Mr. Game-Winner (Ryan Zimmerman) but that's not bad. Having one of your best power hitters bunt in that situation is stupid anyway. I don't know how good Thom Brennaman is, but he sounds like a genius compared to Brantley's ranting.

Hat-tip to the EastWindChronicle.

In addition to that there's this:
"Because he was 0-for-5 with strikeouts his last two times at bat, Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker flashed Encarnacion the sacrifice bunt sign, even though he had never bunted successfully in the major leagues.

“I said to (coach) Chris Speier, ‘I hope he doesn’t get the bunt down so he can hit a game-winning home run,’ “ said Baker."
So Baker told Encarnacion to bunt even though he wanted him to fail at it so he could homer? In what way is that not insane? They thought he wasn't hitting well because he was 0-5, but thought he could bunt even though he'd never none it on the majors? Come on Reds - you have the talent to win the division (maybe), but how far can you get with this guy in charge?

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