Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bobby V Thinks Outside The Box

Bobby Valentine is in an interesting character and, if this is accurate, seems to be pretty clever.

"Shea Stadium is known for being right near LaGuardia Airport, and thus players had to deal with the deafening roar of airplanes flying close overhead. Apparently the Mets had a pickoff play they would run when there were multiple men on base and one of them was on second. Valentine would call the play from the dugout, then the pitcher and fielder would wait for a plane to pass overhead. When they heard the plane, the fielder would immediately break for second base and the pitcher would do his quick spin pickoff move. The noise from the plane would prevent the runner from hearing his base coach yell “back.” Franco said the play actually worked a couple of times."

That is really getting the most you can out of home-field advantage.

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