Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cintron's Arrival => The Pelican Will Fly The Coup?

The Orioles have signed infielder Alex Cintron after he was released by the Cubs. Cintron is little more than a back-up player but, though he is reporting to Norfolk first, he should find himself starting at short in the majors soon. His bat is weak (projected 260 / 301 / 366) but it is a definite up-grade over Luis Hernandez (who needs a nickname - I don't want to call him Luis and there's already a Hernandez... maybe Pelican since the best OPS he's ever had is .699 for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (A-ball); plus, apparently pelicans are a symbol of self-sacrifice, which is what we would see Luis doing a lot this year with the bat) or Brandon Fahey. Also, the drop-off in defense shouldn't be that bad. Making small improvements at the margin is how teams with low payrolls (though Baltimore could spend $100 million if they wanted to) stay competitive.

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