Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Public Has Spoken

The Baltimore Sun had a poll up on their site asking where the O's will end up in the AL East. The results: 7.2% First; 1.5% Second; 7.6% Third; 19.2% Fourth; 64.5% Fifth. That meant that their are 438 (193 + 40 + 205) people out there who are insanely optimistic, crazy, or don't know what they're voting for. I'll excuse the 19.2%, as it's hard to accept that Tampa Bay will be that good of a team. Still, 16.3% are being very unrealistic, which makes Andy MacPhail's job much harder. Some fans are OK with a last place finish and 95 losses, as long as the team is making big steps in the right direction - pandering to the people who expect a run at the division title every year is the m.o. of Peter Angelos, and is what got the team into the mess it's in.

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