Friday, April 4, 2008

Chass-tised (Yeah, That's Pretty Bad)

Hater of "new-age" statistics and insulter of bloggers Murray Chass has had his contract bought out by the New York Times. It is a good day for intelligent sports fans, but a tragedy for

"To be honest, I'm already mourning the loss of hundreds of future statphobic-fish-in-a-barrel posts. If this news is true, FJM has lost a goldmine."

I wouldn't be surprised if Murray catches on somewhere else, but for now it's nice to be vindicated in the thinking that he's a bad sports writer. I'm not a good writer, but at least I know what I'm talking about (sometimes). The "death" of print-media being blamed on bloggers reminds me a lot of the record industry blaming decreases in sales on downloading. Maybe they should stop saying it's the fault of new technology and just concentrate (I almost spelled it concetrate - I guess I've got Joe on the brain) on making a better product. Perhaps the NYT is realizing that and taking steps in the right direction. If they're interested, I can be reached in my mother's basement. I'm sure I can take some time out from looking at numbers and equations to write a column once in a while.

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