Friday, April 4, 2008

Mother Nature Picks Sides In Sports Rivalries

I don't even know if I believe this.

After finding out that the girl who was attacked by a hawk outside of Fenway Park in Boston is name Alexa Rodriguez and that she's 13 years-old (A-Rod's number) I read this:
"A 15 year old girl that was having dinner with her family was pinched by a dead blue crab, drawing blood from her nose.

While the girl was not seriously injured, some observers at Philips, the Baltimore Seafood restaurant where the incident occurred, noted that a girl such as herself may be better off staying away from the town. The girl’s name is Jen Roethlisberger."
Maybe this will be a thing. Next we'll here that Brian Howard and Timmy Rollins were attacked by a pack of hyenas that escaped from a zoo in New York.

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