Friday, April 4, 2008

Sickles On The O's

Prospect expert John Sickles did a quick interview with CamdenChat where they discussed 10 questions about the O's farm system. I agree with everything Sickles said except that the system is only slightly above average. I think that it's solidly above average, though that may just be a matter of semantics. There are so many pitching prospects with #3 type ceilings that I think they should be able to construct an entirely home-grown rotation pretty soon, even with the attrition rate for young pitchers. I was surprised to see Reimold starting in AA, but I think he'll see the majors some time this year.

He is very high on Matt Wieters:
"I imagine you will see Wieters late this year or by mid-season 2009 at the latest. He’s really good, the hype is for real. I have him at Number Seven on the hitting prospect list, but he could be Number One or Number Two a year from now once he establishes himself and other guys ahead of him graduate."
That surprises even me with how much Sickles likes him. Things are looking up for the Birds.

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