Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Guess I Was Asking For It

WOOHOO! MASN2 is on channel 17. That means I get to watch Daniel Cabrera pitch poorly. Alright.

I turn it on and it's 3-1 Rays (on a first inning 3-run homer by Cliff Floyd). Brian Roberts led of the game for the O's with a home run of his own.

It's the third inning and after walking a pair and getting a grounder to make it second and third with one out they walk Floyd intentionally. Wow. That's what Cabrera looks like when he's on - getting a strike-out on four pitches; throwing both the fastball (starts inside and tails back over the inside corner) and the curveball (with big-time break) for strikes. He gets out of the inning with a ground ball to second. Hopefully the O's bats can get something going against Matt Garza.

More on the game in a bit.

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